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Attorneys and Counselors for Business People

At Shinners & Cook, we’ve built long-term relationships with hundreds of business men and women by providing expert legal counsel and outstanding professional service. As business people ourselves, we know how important it is to respect our clients’ priorities, their time, and their need for complete confidentiality.

Practice Areas

We provide provide a full range of legal services, representing clients with business, estate planning, litigation, and real estate needs.

Our full-service approach allows us to build relationships with our clients that solo practitioners and large firms cannot offer. Our collaborative legal team provides each client with strong legal representation, and in a prompt, professional manner.


Don’t Forget About the Fine Print

As a small, medium, or even large business, you likely encounter contracts on a daily basis. Contracts include the agreed to price, time for delivery or for service to be complete, and all the other hard-fought negotiation terms. But every […]

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Updating your Company’s Drug Policies in the age of Recreational Marijuana

There are many reasons that you don’t want your employees showing up to work high, but what can you do about it now that marijuana has been legalized in Michigan?  Well for starters, the courts have held that the Michigan […]

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Considering a Prenuptial Agreement?

Getting married? Has your fiancée approached you about signing a prenuptial agreement? If so, make sure you have an attorney – your attorney – look at it first. Now discussing a prenuptial agreement may not be as romantic or fun […]

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