The Evils of Arbitration

Be wary of arbitration. Organizations like the American Arbitration Association (AAA) bill themselves as being a more cost- and time-efficient alternative to traditional litigation cases in front of trial courts. These claims are simply not true. While some arbitration cases […]

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Michigan Works Share Plans Allow Expanded Unemployment Compensation for Employees

Business Law COVID-19 Employment Law

As a part of Michigan’s COVID-19 relief, Governor Whitmer expanded the reach of federal unemployment benefits to Michigan Work Share Plan participants under Executive Order 2020-57.  Work Share Plans allow Michigan employers to normally reduce employee hours and compensation by […]

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Trademarks and How Applications are Affected by COVID-19

Business Law Trademark

A Federal Trademark is a powerful thing. Trademarking a phrase or logo allows you or your business to prevent others from copying what makes you unique. Think of Nike. Everyone immediately recognizes a Nike product by the “Nike swoosh logo.” […]

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Michigan Property Tax Appeal Changes Due to COVID-19

Real Estate Tax Law

On Thursday, May 14, 2020, Governor Whitmer signed Executive Order No. 2020-87 extending the filing deadlines for property tax appeals in Michigan. Under normal circumstances, a township or local unit of government’s Board of Review meets the second week of […]

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Michigan Court of Appeals Rules that a Short-Term Rental is not a Residential Single-Family Use for Zoning Purposes

Landlord-Tenant Law Real Estate

The Michigan Court of Appeals issued a published case in the area of short-term rental regulation.  In Reaume v Township of Spring Lake, the Michigan Court of Appeals affirmed that a short-term rental of a residential property is a commercial […]

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Solar Panels Allowed on PA 116 Property

Real Estate

Michigan now allows land enrolled in the Farmland and Open Space Preservation Program, also known as PA 116, to be used for solar farm and commercial solar panel array purposes.  PA 116 is a tax credit program for the preservation […]

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