The Freeze on Landlord-Tenant Eviction Proceedings is About to Come to an End, Sort of

COVID-19 Landlord-Tenant Law Real Estate

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Whitmer issued a State of Emergency in the State of Michigan. Pursuant to that State of Emergency, Governor Whitmer has frozen all eviction proceedings for landlord-tenant disputes and for land contract disputes. […]

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The Evils of Arbitration

Be wary of arbitration. Organizations like the American Arbitration Association (AAA) bill themselves as being a more cost- and time-efficient alternative to traditional litigation cases in front of trial courts. These claims are simply not true. While some arbitration cases […]

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Michigan Works Share Plans Allow Expanded Unemployment Compensation for Employees

Business Law COVID-19 Employment Law

As a part of Michigan’s COVID-19 relief, Governor Whitmer expanded the reach of federal unemployment benefits to Michigan Work Share Plan participants under Executive Order 2020-57.  Work Share Plans allow Michigan employers to normally reduce employee hours and compensation by […]

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Trademarks and How Applications are Affected by COVID-19

Business Law Trademark

A Federal Trademark is a powerful thing. Trademarking a phrase or logo allows you or your business to prevent others from copying what makes you unique. Think of Nike. Everyone immediately recognizes a Nike product by the “Nike swoosh logo.” […]

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Michigan Property Tax Appeal Changes Due to COVID-19

Real Estate Tax Law

On Thursday, May 14, 2020, Governor Whitmer signed Executive Order No. 2020-87 extending the filing deadlines for property tax appeals in Michigan. Under normal circumstances, a township or local unit of government’s Board of Review meets the second week of […]

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Michigan Court of Appeals Rules that a Short-Term Rental is not a Residential Single-Family Use for Zoning Purposes

Landlord-Tenant Law Real Estate

The Michigan Court of Appeals issued a published case in the area of short-term rental regulation.  In Reaume v Township of Spring Lake, the Michigan Court of Appeals affirmed that a short-term rental of a residential property is a commercial […]

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