Litigation / Conflict Resolution

Working Hard to Keep You Out of Litigation

We believe the best litigation attorneys perform so well that their clients rarely, if ever, end up in court. That is our goal at Shinners & Cook. Our attorneys are business men and women who understand how to start up, maintain, and sell or transfer a business to avoid conflict. If conflicts do arise, we can develop the most effective conflict resolution and litigation strategy, taking into account the complexity of your business interests. We work hard to fully understand the opposition so that we can prepare a case designed to avoid court involvement. When we take your case to litigation, we will be well-prepared to win.

When resolving legal disputes, you may want to ask your attorney:

  • How will you develop a litigation strategy that takes into account all my business interests?
  • What are the risks inherent to litigation?
  • What are the benefits and risks of resolving conflicts without resorting to litigation?
  • What are the potential ramifications of litigation on my other business interests?
  • What are my options?

Negotiated or mediated resolutions

In many instances, disputes can be resolved without resorting to litigation. From informal mediation or arbitration, to simply negotiating a resolution with an opposing party, we assist our clients in avoiding lengthy and costly litigation, often preventing the loss of a relationship between the involved parties.

Commercial litigation

Commercial litigation presents complex issues and relationships that do not exist in other disputes. Conflicts may arise between family members, business partners, old friends, important customers, or others. Your livelihood, professional reputation, and financial future could depend on the outcome. Our litigators are business people who understand the complexities presented by commercial disputes. We can help you address the big picture, as well as resolve the issue at hand.

From stockholder derivative suits and employment situations to breach of contract, our team represents your needs. We begin with pre-lawsuit conflict resolution and, if needed, we take your dispute to litigation.

Civil litigation

We assist our clients with business, real estate, and estate planning disputes. We also offer advice in a number of other important areas, including personal injury claims, non-criminal traffic violations, employment matters, Liquor Control Commission violations and administrative procedures. In some instances, the best course of action involves consultation with a legal specialist. Our familiarity with a wide range of attorneys and law firms insures that your case is handled by legal experts well-qualified to address your needs.

Probate litigation

Sometimes Trustees or Personal Representatives treat Beneficiaries unfairly. Other times, Beneficiaries place undue pressure on the Trustees or Personal Representatives. In either case, we provide legal representation ensuring that the estate or trust runs smoothly. Once issues are resolved, our probate department oversees the continuing administration of the estate or trust to keep new problems in check.

Real estate disputes

Real Estate disputes create special challenges because the subject of the dispute – real estate – is fixed. Although in some litigation areas, win/win scenarios arise from imaginative resolutions, with real estate, one side typically receives the disputed property. We give our clients an advantage by staying on the cutting edge of real estate law relating to zoning, development rights, construction, and other issues.

  • Boundary disputes
  • Conflicts in purchase agreements
  • Other problems relating to the purchase, sale, and ownership of real estate

If you have questions about conflict resolution or litigation, please contact us.

Business Law

The law’s impact on your business interests can be complex and must take into account a wide range of factors including your business history, current business interests, and your goals for the future. That’s why all of our attorneys have a keen understanding of what is necessary to start and run a business, sell it, or transfer it to a family member.

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Estate Planning

Protecting your hard-earned assets or your family business from IRS taxes or the creditors of your heirs is one of many reasons our clients come to Shinners & Cook. A proper estate plan needs to address the complexity of your personal and business interests as well those of your children and heirs.

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Litigation / Conflict Resolution

The best litigation attorneys perform so well that their clients rarely, if ever, end up in court. Our attorneys are business men and women who understand how to start up, maintain, and sell or transfer a business to avoid conflict.

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Probate and Trust Administration

That period of time after the loss of a loved one is difficult and the added pressures and responsibilities of making legal decisions do not help. Clients take comfort on relying the expertise that Shinners & Cook offer in guiding them through the probate process.

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Real Estate

We understand that your business and personal transactions can be complex and may be interrelated. If you are purchasing or selling residential or commercial property, consulting a real estate attorney can save you time and money, and protect your financial interests long-term.

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